Hypertension, also known as raised or elevated blood pressure, is one of the most important global risk factors for cardiovascular and renal disease. Its health complications kill millions of people every year. 

Antihypertensive drugs and their effectiveness in treating hypertension are well studied. However, most people underestimate the power of lifestyle modifications in preventing and treating hypertension, in particular, the huge impact of diet. 

We have gathered the current evidence on the association between nutrition and blood pressure.
What did epidemiological studies observe?
Can intervention studies show a causal link between diet and hypertension?
How large is the effect that can be obtained through diet compared to blood pressure medication?
What are possible mechanisms on a physiological level to explain the observed effects?

By answering these questions, we want to illuminate the power of nutrition in preventing and treating hypertension.


Hypertension (Part 1)

Introduction & Burden of Disease

Hypertension (Part 3)

Observational Studies

Hypertension (Part 4)

Pathophysiological Mechanisms

Hypertension (Part 5)

Interventional Studies

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